After coming off one of the most impressive rookie seasons for a wide receiver ever, Odell Beckham Jr. became a household name with impressive play after impressive play. After the number one wide receiver, Victor Cruz, went down with an injury early in the season, Beckham Jr. rose to the role of star wide receiver. His impressive play this season has left defenders in the dust, and wishing they hadn’t taken the role to cover him. His blinding skill, speed, and athleticism has propelled him to become one of the top receivers in the league.

This past season,  Beckham Jr. lead the New York Giants in almost every receiving category. But the most impressive achievement for Odell this year was his spectacular one handed touchdown catch against the rival, Dallas Cowboys. This catch is highly considered as one of the top catches in NFL history, comparable to Steve Young’s toss in the back of the end zone, and other Giants classic catch involving David Tyree in the Superbowl against the undefeated Patriots.

Beckham’s grab came while backpedaling, and being grabbed by a Cowboys defender:

Commentator Al Michaels explained it best about it being the ‘catch of the year’ and ‘the best catch he has ever seen.’ The acrobatic catch has not only mesmerized Al Michaels, but the entire country agreed that this catch was the play of the year. He won the ESPY award for best play edging out Messi. With Beckham Jr. improving over the offseason, he is expected to make more highlight reel plays his season.

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